Zhejiang da xue xue bao. Yi xue ban = Journal of Zhejiang University. Medical sciences

[Extract of Herba Siegesbeckiae on mouse rheumatoid arthritis induced by anthrogen-CIA monoclonal antibody].

PMID 24167138


To investigate the anti-inflammatory effect of Herba Siegesbeckiae extracts on mouse rheumatoid arthritis induced by arthrogen-CIA monoclonal antibody. The rheumatoid arthritis was induced by arthrogen-CIA arthritogenic monoclonal antibody in mice. The sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay was used to determine the concentration of IL-1βin mouse serum,and the content of IL-6,IL-17 and MMP-3 in supernatant of tissue homogenate of hind limb below the stifle of mice. One-way ANOVA was used for data analysis. The toe swelling was attenuated in Siegesbeckiae group than that in model group [(0.218 ± 0.0307)cm(3) compared with (0.2545 ± 0.0179)cm(3), P<0.05]. The serum IL-1β level in Siegesbeckiae group was lower than that in model group [(63.74 ± 21.74)pg/ml compared with (104.96 ± 31.22)pg/ml, P<0.01]. The contents of IL-6, IL-17 and MMP-3 in tissue supernatants of Siegesbeckiae group were all lower than those of model group [(171.10 ± 48.35)pg/ml compared with (249.64 ± 75.08)pg/ml, P<0.05; (115.42 ± 56.52)pg/ml compared with (208.40 ± 88.54)pg/ml, P<0.05;(3660.31 ± 1680.99) pg/ml compared with (5420.79 ± 1201.43)pg/ml, P<0.05, respectively]. The extract of Herba Siegesbeckiae has anti-inflammatory effect on mouse rheumatoid arthritis induced by mixed arthrogen monoclonal antibody.