Drug delivery

Anti-inflammatory and pharmacokinetics evaluation of PEGylated ibuprofen tablet formulation.

PMID 24191762


To develop a novel PEGylated ibuprofen tablet formulations and evaluate its anti-inflammatory activity and pharmacokinetics profile in an animal model. Six batches of PEGylated ibuprofen tablets were prepared by direct compression using Avicel® and lactose as the binder diluents. In vivo anti-inflammatory activity of the tablets was carried out as well as the pharmacokinetics profiles. The PEGylated ibuprofen tablet reduced carrageenan-induced inflammation in experimental animals and sustained its anti-inflammatory action for over 10 h. The pharmacokinetics profile of the optimized formulations were greater than that of the marketed sample and the pure drug sample. In conclusion, PEGylation of ibuprofen conferred a high level of anti-inflammatory activity and slowed plasma clearance level, indicating sustained release. Thus, further exploration of this novel formulation to be used as an alternative carrier for this drug is required.