PloS one

The exosome cofactor Rrp47 is critical for the stability and normal expression of its associated exoribonuclease Rrp6 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

PMID 24224060


Rrp6 is a conserved catalytic subunit of the eukaryotic nuclear exosome ribonuclease complex that functions in the productive 3' end maturation of stable RNAs, the degradation of transiently expressed noncoding transcripts and in discard pathways that eradicate the cell of incorrectly processed or assembled RNAs. The function of Rrp6 in these pathways is at least partially dependent upon its interaction with a small nuclear protein called Rrp47/Lrp1, but the underlying mechanism(s) by which Rrp47 functions in concert with Rrp6 are not established. Previous work on yeast grown in rich medium has suggested that Rrp6 expression is not markedly reduced in strains lacking Rrp47. Here we show that Rrp6 expression in rrp47∆ mutants is substantially reduced during growth in minimal medium through effects on both transcript levels and protein stability. Exogenous expression of Rrp6 enables normal levels to be attained in rrp47∆ mutants. Strikingly, exogenous expression of Rrp6 suppresses many, but not all, of the RNA processing and maturation defects observed in an rrp47∆ mutant and complements the synthetic lethality of rrp47∆ mpp6∆ and rrp47∆ rex1∆ double mutants. Increased Rrp6 expression in the resultant rrp47∆ rex1∆ double mutant suppresses the defect in the 3' maturation of box C/D snoRNAs. In contrast, increased Rrp6 expression in the rrp47∆ mpp6∆ double mutant diminishes the block in the turnover of CUTs and in the degradation of the substrates of RNA discard pathways. These results demonstrate that a principal function of Rrp47 is to facilitate appropriate expression levels of Rrp6 and support the conclusion that the Rrp6/Rrp47 complex and Rex1 provide redundant exonuclease activities for the 3' end maturation of box C/D snoRNAs.