Digestive diseases and sciences

Similar response to entecavir 0.5 and 1.0 mg in treatment-naïve chronic hepatitis B patients: a case-control study.

PMID 24248420


The dose recommendation for entecavir (ETV) is 0.5 mg daily for treatment-naïve chronic hepatitis B (CHB) patients and 1.0 mg daily for lamivudine-refractory patients; however, few data are available for the efficacy of a 1.0-mg daily dose in treatment-naïve CHB patients. Our goal is to examine the treatment outcome of treatment-naïve patients placed on ETV 0.5 mg or ETV 1.0 mg daily through week 48. Cases were 40 consecutive hepatitis B e antigen (HBeAg)-positive CHB patients treated with ETV 1.0 mg daily between January 2005 and September 2010, and controls were 40 consecutive CHB patients treated with ETV 0.5 mg daily between January 2005 and September 2010 at three US gastroenterology/liver clinics. Controls were matched for age (±5 years), sex, HBeAg, and baseline hepatitis B virus (HBV) DNA (±0.5 log10 IU/ml). Complete viral suppression was defined as undetectable HBV DNA by polymerase chain reaction (<100 IU/ml). Both groups had similar distributions of age (38 ± 11 years), male patients (55 %), and mean HBV DNA (7.7 ± 1.1 log10 IU/ml). The complete viral suppression rate was similar in both cases and controls through week 24 (15 vs. 15 %, p = 1.00) and week 48 (22 vs. 36 %, p = 0.17). Non-adherence was reported in three patients in the ETV 1.0 mg daily cohort at week 48. There were no significant differences in the proportion of patients with complete viral suppression in patients treated with ETV 0.5 mg daily or the higher daily dose of 1.0 mg.