Iranian journal of basic medical sciences

Double edged effect of gum-resin of ferula assa-foetida on lifespan of neurons.

PMID 24250950


Based on knowledge from traditional herbal medicine, Ferula assa-foetida (asafoetida) has several therapeutic applications but there is less knowledge about its effect on neurons. In order to evaluate neuronal differentiation, neuronal like cells were stained against neuronal specific markers β-Tubulin III and MAP2. After establishment of neuronal differentiation in cultured cells, aqueous extract of gum-resin of asafoetida were applied on culture medium of neurons with different concentrations then survival rate of neurons were evaluated by cell counting and methyl tetrazolium bromide (MTT) tests. The results showed that asafoetida gum resin particularly with 0.01 and 1 µg/ml concentrations could improve survival rate of neurons, while10 µgr/ml treated group was toxic. RESULTS of this study indicated that gum resin of asafoetida in low doses has neuroprotective effect on neurons and improves survival rate of them, however in higher concentrations it is toxic for neurons.