Yakugaku zasshi : Journal of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan

[Development of high boron content liposomes and their promising antitumor effect for neutron capture therapy].

PMID 24292174


High accumulation and selective delivery of boron into tumor tissue are the most important requirements to achieve the efficient cell-killing effect of boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) that relies on the nuclear reaction of two essentially nontoxic species, boron-10 ((10)B) and thermal neutrons in boron-loaded tissues. Recent development of boron cluster lipids and their liposomal boron delivery system (BDS) are summarized in this article. Boron compounds that have no affinity to tumor can potentially be delivered to tumor tissues by liposomes, therefore, liposomal BDS would be one of the most attractive approaches for efficient BNCT of various cancers. There are two approaches for BDS: encapsulation of boron compounds into liposomes and incorporation of boron-conjugated lipids into the liposomal bilayer. The combination of both approaches has a potential for reduction of the total dose of liposomes without reducing the efficacy of BNCT.