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A Retrospective Study on Immediate Placement of Neoss Implants with Early Loading of Full-Arch Bridges.

PMID 24299552


Full-arch clearances of compromised teeth and placement of implant-supported prostheses is one solution for the prosthetic rehabilitation of partially dentate patients. To retrospectively evaluate treatment outcomes after full clearance, immediate placement, and early loading of full-arch fixed bridges. Fifty-five patients subjected to full clearance and placement of 284 Neoss implants (Bimodal™ and Proactive™, Neoss Ltd, Harrogate, UK) in 29 edentulous maxillae and 26 mandibles for early loading (1 to 3 days) of a provisional full-arch bridge were retrospectively evaluated after 1 to 6 years of loading. Osstell™ measurements (Osstell AB, Göteborg, Sweden) were taken at placement and after 3 to 9 months when the provisional bridge was replaced with a permanent one. Marginal bone levels were measured in intraoral radiographs. All patients (100%) wore a fixed bridge at the time of finalizing the study. A total of 18 failures (6.3%) were encountered during the follow-up, giving an overall cumulative survival rate of 93.7%. All failures occurred in the maxilla (10.6%), and no implants were lost in the mandible. More Bimodal™ (9.0%) than Proactive™ (4.1%) implants failed. Failing implants showed a significantly lower mean primary stability than successful ones (p = .015). Failed cases showed a significantly lower average ISQ for all implants (p = .015) and a marked decrease to the second registration, while successful cases showed and maintained high ISQs. The average bone loss after 1 year was 0.8 ± 0.5 mm. Full-arch clearance of severely diseased teeth followed by immediate placement of Neoss implants, early loading with provisional full-arch bridges, and subsequent permanent bridges is a possible treatment modality for partially dentate patients. Caution with this approach is recommended for the maxilla, as opposed to the mandible.

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