Gan to kagaku ryoho. Cancer & chemotherapy

[A case of postoperative thymic carcinoma recurrence that was effectively treated with combination chemotherapy of nedaplatin and docetaxel].

PMID 24335370


We report a case of postoperative recurrence of thymic carcinoma that was effectively treated with combination chemotherapy of nedaplatin(NDP)and docetaxel(DOC). We performed thymectomy for thymoma in a 55-year-old man. The pathological diagnosis was squamous cell thymic carcinoma(pT3N0M0, Stage III). The patient was observed without postoperative radiotherapy being administered. Six months after the operation, the patient was admitted to our department with carcinomatous pericarditis. Whole-body examination revealed multiple lung and liver metastases and a left femoral metastasis. After pericardiocentesis, radiation therapy was administered for the left femoral metastasis. Combination chemotherapy (NDP[60mg/m2]/DOC[70mg/m2])was administered for the multiple lung and liver metastases. After 4 cycles of chemotherapy, the multiple lung metastases were completely resolved and the liver metastases were clearly reduced. Partial response and acceptable toxicity were identified. Thymic carcinoma is a rare epithelial neoplasm for which the optimal chemotherapy regimen has not yet been established. Combination chemotherapy with NDP/DOC was effective in the case of our patient with postoperative thymic squamous cell carcinoma recurrence, and it can be considered as a promising regimen for patients from the standpoint of clinical efficacy.