Postepy biochemii

[NAC transcription factors family and increased tolerance to water deficiency in plants].

PMID 24364212


Transcription factors are proteins that are able to regulate the expression of target genes by specifically binding with DNA sequences and regulating the activity initiation complex of transcription. These proteins are key elements in the adaptation of plants to environmental conditions. Families of transcription factors that are associated with a response to stress are DREB/CBF, AREB/ABF, MYB/MYC and NAC. The NAC gene family is one of the largest families of transcription factors. Members of the NAC family have been identified in many plant species. NAC TFs are involved in the growth, development and response of plants to biotic and abiotic stress. Many transcription factors belonging to the NAC family, including SNAC1, are involved in the response of plants to water deficiency. Drought is the most harmful environmental stress in worldwide agriculture. Obtaining plants with an increased tolerance to water deficiency by using the methods of molecular biology has become a major goal of plant breeding.