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Effects of oxytocin and vasopressin on the preadipocyte 3T3-F442A cell line.

PMID 2437940


The 3T3-F442A mouse fibroblast cell line, triggered by factors present in fetal calf serum (FCS), converts either spontaneously or, in the simultaneous presence of FCS and insulin, at an accelerated rate into cells exhibiting the adipocyte phenotype. The effects of the neurohypophysial hormones in differentiated cells on glucose metabolism (glucose oxidation and lipogenesis) were compared with the stimulatory actions of insulin, which had its most pronounced effects in cells differentiated spontaneously with FCS in the absence of insulin. The differentiated 3T3-F442A cells were sensitive to physiological levels of insulin and exhibited manyfold increases in glucose metabolism in response to it. This result demonstrated that these cultured cells respond to insulin, in a manner analogous to freshly isolated adipocytes. In contrast to its insulin-like effects in isolated epididymal adipocytes, oxytocin was not reproducibly able to stimulate glucose metabolism in differentiated 3T3-F442A cells. Vasopressin was similarly inactive. In contrast, both oxytocin and vasopressin blocked adipocyte conversion triggered by FCS, either in the presence or absence of insulin; vasopressin was more potent than oxytocin, indicating that a vasopressin receptor was responsible for the observed inhibition of differentiation. Our work suggests that vasopressin could potentially play a role in the regulation of the adipocyte differentiation process.

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