Pharmaceutical research

Co-delivery of dexamethasone and green tea polyphenols using electrospun ultrafine fibers for effective treatment of keloid.

PMID 24395405


The electrospun polymer ultrafine fiber meshes wereused to co-deliver dexamethasone (DEX) and green tea polyphenols (GTP) in order to acquire a suitable balance between effective treament of keloid and safety to the skin. This co-delivery system was prepared with a simple electrospinning technology. Keloid model was established on the back of athymic nude mice with the human keloid tissues and the formulated fiber meshes were applied onto keloids for an in vivo evaluation on their therapeutic effects. Unlike other therapeutic formulations, these fiber meshes as a new surgical dressing possess multiple useful functions, including the capabilities of maintaining a moist environment, resisting bacterial infection and controlling the drug release. Hydrophobic DEX molecules inside the fiber meshes can be released successfully from the channels formed by the early release of the hydrophilic GTP molecules and then transported across the skin. A distinctive result acquired from histological analysis shows that after 3-month treatment, the DEX/GTP-loaded fiber meshes significantly induce the degradation of collagen fibers in keloid on the back of nude mice compared to the traditional treatment. The dressing formulation based on nanofibers provides a promising platform for the treatment of keloid.