Metabolism: clinical and experimental

Increased expression of oxidative enzymes in adipose tissue following PPARα-activation.

PMID 24439670


Evaluate the effect of fenofibrate treatment on the expression of PPARα and oxidative enzymes in adipose tissue. Wistar male rats were fed a balanced diet supplemented with 100mg.Kg-1 fenofibrate (Sigma) during nine days. Plasma glucose, free fatty acids (FFA) leptin and insulin were determined. PPARα, ACO and CPT-1 mRNA expression and amount of PPARα and PPARγ protein were assessed in epididymal adipose tissue. Oral glucose tolerance test was evaluated into overnight fasted rats. Glucose uptake was measured in adipocytes isolated from epididymal fat pads in the presence or absence of insulin (25ng/mL). Fenofibrate treatment increased PPARα and PPARγ protein abundance in adipose tissue. In addition to it well- known effect on oxidative enzymes in liver, fenofibrate treatment also induces a high expression of Acyl CoA Oxidase (ACO) and Carnitine palmitoyltransferase 1 (CPT-1) in adipose tissue. Furthermore, we have shown that the fenofibrate treatment improves the glucose tolerance and enhance the glucose uptake by adipocytes. Altogether, the data suggest that fenofibrate have a direct effect in adipose tissue contributing to the low adiposity and improvement of glucose homeostasis.

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