American journal of dentistry

Site specific properties of carious dentin matrices biomodified with collagen cross-linkers.

PMID 24479274


To assess in non-cavitated carious teeth the mechanical properties of dentin matrix by measuring its reduced modulus of elasticity and the effect of dentin biomodification strategies on three dentin matrix zones: caries-affected, apparently normal dentin below caries-affected zone and sound dentin far from carious site. Nano-indentations were performed on dentin matrices of carious molars before and after surface modification using known cross-linking agents (glutaraldehyde, proanthocyanidins from grape seed extract and carbodiimide). Statistically significant differences were observed between dentin zones of demineralized dentin prior to surface biomodification (P < 0.05). Following surface modification, there were no statistically significant differences between dentin zones (P < 0.05). An average increase of 30-fold, 2-fold and 2.2-fold of the reduced modulus of elasticity was observed following treatments of the three dentin zones with proanthocyanidin, carbodiimide and glutaraldehyde, respectively.