Tissue engineering. Part A

Bladder acellular matrix conjugated with basic fibroblast growth factor for bladder regeneration.

PMID 24483233


Basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) plays an important role in wound repair and tissue regeneration. Considerable research has been focused on the exploration of bFGF delivery systems for maintaining efficient local concentration at the injury sites. In this study, bFGF was chemically crosslinked to the bladder acellular matrix (BAM) to create specific binding between bFGF and BAM. The BAM scaffold conjugated with bFGF (CL-BAM/bFGF) could bind more bFGF and achieve controlled release of bFGF, which promoted human fibroblasts to proliferate in vitro and accelerated cellularization and vascularization after subcutaneous implantation. Using the rat bladder reconstruction model, the CL-BAM/bFGF group showed better tissue regeneration compared with the other groups. In summary, CL-BAM/bFGF could prevent the diffusion of bFGF from BAM and maintain its activity. Thus, the scaffold conjugated with growth factor systems could be an effective way for maintaining local therapy dosage at the target site in wound repair and tissue regeneration.