The rRNA and tRNA transcripts of maternally and paternally inherited mitochondrial DNAs of Mytilus galloprovincialis suggest presence of a "degradosome" in mussel mitochondria and necessitate the re-annotation of the l-rRNA/CR boundary.

PMID 24561285


Species of the genus Mytilus carry two mitochondrial genomes in obligatory coexistence; one transmitted though the eggs (the F type) and one through the sperm (the M type). We have studied the 3' and 5' ends of rRNA and tRNA transcripts using RT-PCR and RNA circularization techniques in both the F and M genomes of Mytilus galloprovincialis. We have found polyadenylated and non-adenylated transcripts for both ribosomal and transfer RNAs. In all these genes the 5' ends of the transcripts coincided with the first nucleotide of the annotated genes, but the 3' ends were heterogeneous. The l-rRNA 3' end is 47 or 48 nucleotides upstream from the one assigned by a previous annotation, which makes the adjacent first domain (variable domain one, VD1) of the main control region (CR) correspondingly longer. We have observed s-rRNA and l-rRNA transcripts with truncated 3' end and polyadenylated tRNA transcripts carrying the CCA trinucleotide. We have also detected polyadenylated RNA remnants carrying the sequences of the control region, which strongly suggests RNA degradation activity and thus presence of degradosomes in Mytilus mitochondria.