Drug delivery

Development and characterization of guar gum nanoparticles for oral immunization against tuberculosis.

PMID 24611942


The main aim of this study was to develop an effective carrier system containing Ag85A-loaded guar gum nanoparticles for oral vaccination against tuberculosis. Nanoparticles were prepared by Nanoprecipitation method. The developed particles with mean diameter 895.5 ± 14.73 nm and high antigen entrapment seem to be optimum for oral vaccine delivery. The acid protection assay, Peyer's patch uptake study and in-vitro antigen study confirmed that the developed formulations can protect the antigen from harsh gastric environment and can safely deliver the antigen to the intestinal region. In vivo studies data indicated that the developed nanocarriers can induce a strong mucosal as well as systemic immune response. Therefore, the experimental evidence suggests that guar-gum nanoparticle findings indicated that the guar gum nanoparticles can be utilized for safe and effective vaccine delivery via oral route.