Indian journal of experimental biology

Peptide: N- glycanase is expressed in prestalk cells and plays a role in the differentiation of prespore cells during development of Dictyostelium discoideum.

PMID 24669662


Peptide: N-glycanase (PNGase) enzyme is found throughout eukaryotes and plays an important role in the misfolded glycoprotein degradation pathway. This communication reports the expression patterns of the pngase transcript (as studied by the analysis of beta-galactosidase reporter driven by the putative pngase promoter) and protein (as studied by the analysis of beta-galactosidase reporter expressed under the putative pngase promoter as a fusion with the pngase ORF) during development and further elucidated the developmental defects of the cells lacking PNGase (png(-)). The results show that the DdPNGase is an essential protein expressed throughout development and beta-galactosidase activity was present in the anterior part of the slug. In structures derived from a null mutant for pngase, the prestalk A and AO patterning was expanded and covered a large section of the prespore region of the slugs. When developed as chimeras with wild type, the png(-) cells preferentially populate the prestalk/stalk region. When the mutants were mixed in higher ratios, they also tend to form the prespore/spore cells. The results emphasize that the DdPNGase has an essential role during development and the mutants have defects in a system that changes the physiological dynamics in the prespore cells. DdPNGase play a role in development both during aggregation and in the differentiation of prespore cells.