Oncology reports

Leptin-induced adhesion and invasion in colorectal cancer cell lines.

PMID 24700392


Leptin, which is encoded by the obese gene, is a multifunctional neuroendocrine peptide that regulates appetite, bone formation, reproductive function and angiogenesis. The aims of the present study were to investigate the expression of leptin in 80xa0patients with colorectal cancer (CRC) and to determine the effects of leptin on the malignant properties of CRC cells. We evaluated the expression of leptin in tissues of 80xa0patients with CRC. Suspension cultures were used to isolate CRC stem cells following pretreatment with leptin. We analyzed the effects of leptin on the adhesion and invasive capacities of CRC cell lines. The effects of leptin on JAK and ERK activation were examined using western blotting. Leptin expression was associated with CRC progression and increased the number and size of spheroid formation by CRC cell lines. Leptin enhanced cell invasion and adhesion and activated JAK and ERK signaling in the CRC cell lines. The present study demonstrated that leptin influences the growth and survival of CRC stem cells and regulates adhesion and invasion of colorectal carcinoma through activation of the JAK and ERK signaling pathways.

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