Environmental pollution (Barking, Essex : 1987)

Influence of canopy drip on the indicative N, S and δ(15)N content in moss Hypnum cupressiforme.

PMID 24704808


Samples of Hypnum cupressiforme were collected at two types of site in forest areas: within the forest stand and within forest openings, and analyzed for N and S concentrations and δ(15)N. Mosses sampled within forest openings reflect the atmospheric N deposition; however, no influence of throughfall N deposition on the N in the moss that was sampled within the forest stand was found, nor was any influence of S deposition on the S in the moss found. For the N and S concentrations in the mosses sampled within forest openings, the within-site variability was comparable to the between-site variability, and for the δ(15)N, the within-site variability was lower than the between-site. The results showed that a short distance (<1 m) between the sampling location and the nearest tree canopy increases the N in the moss, and significantly higher values are found in mosses sampled in areas within the forest stand.