The Angle orthodontist

Effect of Lithothamnium sp and calcium supplements in strain- and infection-induced bone resorption.

PMID 24731063


To investigate the effect of Lithothamnium sp (LTT) supplement, a calcium-rich alga widely used for mineral reposition, on strain-induced (orthodontic tooth movement [OTM]) and infection-induced bone resorption (periodontal disease [PD]) in mice. Mice were divided into two bone resorption models: one with an orthodontic appliance and the other with PD induced by the oral inoculation of Aggregatibacter actinomycetencomitans (Aa). Both groups were fed a regular diet (vehicle), LTT-rich diet (LTT), or calcium-rich diet (CaCO3). Alveolar bone resorption (ABR), the number of osteoclasts, and the levels of tumor necrosis factor α (TNF-α), calcium, and vitamin D3 were evaluated. The number of osteoclasts was reduced in LTT and CaCO3 mice, which led to diminished OTM and infection-induced alveolar bone loss. In addition, LTT- and calcium-treated groups also presented decreased levels of TNF-α in periodontal tissues and increased levels of calcium in serum. These results indicate that the LTT supplement influences ABR, probably due to its calcium content, by affecting osteoclast function and local inflammatory response, thus modulating OTM and PD.