Iranian journal of pharmaceutical research : IJPR

Formulation and Evaluation of In-vitro Characterization of Gastic-Mucoadhesive Microparticles/Discs Containing Metformin Hydrochloride.

PMID 24734057


The present study involves preparation and evaluation of gastric-mucoadhesive microparticles with Metformin Hydrochloride as model drug for prolongation of gastric residence time. The microparticles were prepared by the emulsification solvent evaporation technique using polymers of Carbomer 934p (CP) and Ethylcellulose (EC). The microparticles were prepared by emulsion solvent evaporation method (O1/O2). Disc formulations were prepared by direct compression technique from microparticles. In the current study, gastric-mucoadhesive microparticles with different polymers ratios (CP:EC) were prepared and were characterized by encapsulation efficiency, particle size, flowability, mucoadhesive property and drug release studies. The best polymers ratio was 1:3 (F2) with Carbomer 934p (as mucoadhesive polymer) and ethylcellulose (as retardant polymer), respectively. The production yield microparticles F2 showed 98.80%, mean particle size 933.25 µm and loading efficiency %98.44. The results were found that microparticle discs prepared had slower release than microparticles (p > o.o5). The microparticles exhibited very good percentage of mucoadhesion and flowability properties. The release of drug was prolonged to 8 h (71.65-82.22%) when incorporated into mucoadhesive microparticles. The poor bioavailability of metformine is attributed to short retention of its dosage form at the absorption sites (in upper gastrointestinal tract). The results of mucoadhesion study showed better retention of metformine microparticles (8 h) in duodenal and jejunum regions of intestine (F1, 1:2 ratio of CP:EC). Therefore, it may be concluded that drug loaded gastric-mucoadhesive microparticles are a suitable delivery system for metformin hydrochloride, and may be used for effective management of NIDDM (Non Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus).