International journal of medical microbiology : IJMM

Dynamin-related protein Drp1 and mitochondria are important for Shigella flexneri infection.

PMID 24755420


Shigella infection in epithelial cells induces cell death which is accompanied by mitochondrial dysfunction. In this study the role of the mitochondrial fission protein, Drp1 during Shigella infection in HeLa cells was examined. Significant lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) release was detected in the culture supernatant when HeLa cells were infected with Shigella at a high multiplicity of infection. Drp1 inhibition with Mdivi-1 and siRNA knockdown significantly reduced LDH release. HeLa cell death was also accompanied by mitochondrial fragmentation. Tubular mitochondrial networks were partially restored when Drp1 was depleted with either siRNA or inhibited with Mdivi-1. Surprisingly either Mdivi-1 treatment or Drp1 siRNA-depletion of HeLa cells also reduced Shigella plaque formation. The effect of Mdivi-1 on Shigella infection was assessed using the murine Sereny model, however it had no impact on ocular inflammation. Overall our results suggest that Drp1 and the mitochondria play important roles during Shigella infection.