Voprosy virusologii

[Genetic characterization of new Komandory virus (KOMV; Bunyaviridae, Phlebovirus) isolated from the ticks Ixodes uriae, collected in guillemot (Uria aalge) nesting sites on Komandorski islands, the Bering sea].

PMID 24772641


Unclassified virus named Komandory virus (KOMV) isolated in Komandorski islands from the ticks Ixodes uriae in 1986 was partially sequenced. The KOMV nucleocapsid (N) protein sequence shows 30-40% identity level with the mosquito-borne phleboviruses and 43% with the Uukuniemi virus (UUKV) group (Phlebovirus, Bunyaviridae). The maximum identity (65%) for the KOMV N protein is observed for the Manawa virus. The KOMV glycoprotein identity with the UUKV group viruses ranges from 45% to 59%. The KOMV RdRp identity with the Manawa virus reaches 74%, while showing 63% level at average with the other UUKV group viruses. According to the results of molecular-genetic and phylogenetic analysis, the KOMV is a new member of the UUKV group (Phlebovirus, Bunyaviridae).