Eksperimental'naia i klinicheskaia farmakologiia

[Hepatoprotective properties of isoflavonoids from roots of Maackia amurensis on experimental carbon tetrachloride-induced hepatic damage].

PMID 24791337


Hepatoprotective properties of ethanol extract from the roots of Maackia amurensis Ruper et Maxim have been studied on the model of toxic hepatitis induced by carbon tetrachloride damage. It is established that the extract contains daidzein, 7-O-gentobiosides of isoflavonoids genistein, formononetin, pseudobabtige-nin, and 5-O-methylgenistein, and 3-O-gentobiosides of pterocarpans (6aR, 11aR)-maakiain and (6aR, 11aR)-medicarpin. The administration of extract facilitates the restoration of antioxidant protection enzymes activity and reduced glutathione level, decreases the formation of toxic peroxidation products, produces normalizing impact on liver phospholipid pattern, and improves the erythrocyte tolerance to hemolytic agents. The action of isoflavonoids from Maackia amurensis in restoration of metabolic pathways of the liver and removal of toxic stress was more effective as compared to that of the reference hepatoprotector legalon.