Journal of chromatography. B, Analytical technologies in the biomedical and life sciences

Green chiral HPLC study of the stability of Chiralcel OD under high temperature liquid chromatography and subcritical water conditions.

PMID 24816048


We report here the study of the stability under subcritical water conditions of one of the most popular polysaccharide chiral stationary phase (CSP): Chiralcel OD. This CSP was used under high temperature and reversed phase conditions with acetonitrile and 2-propanol as modifier, respectively. The evolution of selectivity and resolution was investigated both in normal and reversed mode conditions with five racemates after packing, heating at 150 °C and separations of some racemic compounds under different high temperatures and mobile phase conditions. The results show that after using at high temperature and subcritical water conditions the selectivity was only moderately affected while the resolution fell dramatically especially in reversed mode due to the creation of a void at the head of the columns which reflects the dissolution of the silica matrix.