European journal of pharmaceutical sciences : official journal of the European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences

Self-micellizing solid dispersion of cyclosporine A with improved dissolution and oral bioavailability.

PMID 24836392


The present study aimed to develop a self-micellizing solid dispersion (SMSD) of cyclosporine A (CsA) using an amphiphilic block copolymer, poly[MPC-co-BMA], to improve the biopharmaceutical properties of CsA. The cytotoxicity of poly[MPC-co-BMA] was assessed in rat intestinal IEC-6 cells, and the pMB was less cytotoxic than polysorbate 80, a non-ionic surfactant with a wide safety margin. SMSD/CsA was prepared using a wet-milling system, and its physicochemical properties were characterized in terms of morphology, crystallinity, dissolution, particle size distribution, and stability. The SMSD/CsA exhibited immediate formation of fine micelles with a mean diameter of ca. 180 nm when introduced into aqueous media. There was marked improvement in the dissolution behavior of the SMSD/CsA compared with amorphous CsA. Even after storage at 40°C/75% relative humidity, the dissolution behavior of aged SMSD/CsA seemed to be almost identical to that of its freshly prepared equivalent, and CsA in aged SMSD/CsA was still in amorphous form. After oral administration of SMSD/CsA (10 mg CsA/kg) in rats, enhanced CsA exposure was observed with increases of Cmax and BA by ca. 11- and 42-fold, respectively, compared with those of amorphous CsA. The poly[MPC-co-BMA]-based SMSD formulation system might be an efficacious dosage option for CsA to achieve improvements in oral bioavailability.