European journal of immunology

Orphan chemoattractant receptor GPR15 mediates dendritic epidermal T-cell recruitment to the skin.

PMID 24838826


Homing of murine dendritic epidermal T cells (DETCs) from the thymus to the skin is regulated by specific trafficking receptors during late embryogenesis. Once in the epidermis, Vγ3δ1 TCR DETCs are maintained through self-renewal and participate in wound healing. GPR15 is an orphan G protein-linked chemoattractant receptor involved in the recruitment of regulatory T cells to the colon. Here we show that GPR15 is highly expressed on fetal thymic DETC precursors and on recently recruited DETCs, and mediates the earliest seeding of the epidermis, which occurs at the time of establishment of skin barrier function. DETCs in GPR15(-/-) mice remain low at birth, but later participation of CCR10 and CCR4 in DETC homing allows DETCs to reach near normal levels in adult skin. Our findings establish a role for GPR15 in skin lymphocyte homing and suggest that it may contribute to lymphocyte subset targeting to diverse epithelial sites.