International journal of gynaecology and obstetrics: the official organ of the International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics

Measles in pregnancy in Lyon France, 2011.

PMID 24856432


To identify women who had measles while being pregnant during the 2011 epidemic peak in Lyon, France, and to document maternal characteristics and fetal outcomes. In a retrospective survey, women who had measles while being pregnant between January and December 2011 were identified from the records of the Laboratory of Virology, Hospices Civils de Lyon. Epidemiologic data, clinical characteristics, and measles outcomes were assessed. In total, 11 pregnant women and 2 women who had just delivered were hospitalized with measles infection in Lyon. The most severe maternal complication was pneumonia, which occurred in 4 women (30.8%). Other maternal complications included fever (11 women; 84.6%) and elevated liver enzymes (2/6 women; 33.3%). All women delivered healthy newborns. Post-exposure prophylaxis using human polyvalent immunoglobulin was initiated for three newborns whose mothers acquired measles in the immediate postpartum period. None of these newborns subsequently acquired measles, although breastfeeding was maintained. Although measles infections during pregnancy can have a deleterious effect on both mother and child, in many cases hospitalization is not required. Unnecessary admission should be avoided given the high risk of transmission of measles in an obstetrics ward.