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Trans-conjunctival aqueous humor outflow in glaucomatous patients treated with prostaglandin analogues: an in vivo confocal microscopy study.

PMID 24867312


To analyze, using in vivo laser scanning confocal microscopy (LSCM), the conjunctival features in glaucomatous patients receiving prostaglandin analogues (PGA). Eighty eyes of 80 consecutive glaucomatous patients naive for therapy were enrolled; 30 eyes of 30 healthy subjects served as a control. Patients were randomized to: preservative-free (PF) and preserved latanoprost (groups 1 and 2, respectively), PF and preserved timolol (groups 3 and 4), and controls to vehicle of latanoprost or physiological buffered saline solution (groups 5 and 6). All subjects underwent LSCM of bulbar conjunctiva at baseline and 3 months after initiating therapy. The main outcomes were: mean density (MMD: cysts/mm(2)) and mean area (MMA: cysts/mm(2)) of epithelial microcysts. The relations between MMA and MMD with intraocular pressure (IOP), age, and mean defect (MD), were analyzed. At baseline, microcysts were found in all subjects. At month three, MMD did not change in all groups (p > 0.05). MMA significantly increased only in group 1 from 2,158.81 ± 524.09 to 3,877.77 ± 867.31, and in group 2 from 2,019.71 ± 541.03 to 5,560.39 ± 1,176.14, with values significantly higher in group 2 (p < 0.001). Significant relations were not found between MMD and MMA with IOP, MD, and age (p > 0.05). PGA increased MMA in therapy-naive glaucomatous patients, indicating a possible enhancement of the trans-conjunctival aqueous humor outflow. Therefore, conjunctiva seems an additional target tissue to evaluate the hydrodynamic pathways in glaucoma and modifications induced by medical therapy.

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