Oncology reports

Nuclear expression of p53 in mature tumor endothelium of retinoblastoma.

PMID 24898002


The present study aimed to investigate the p53 expression pattern in tumor cells and in mature tumor vascular endothelium of retinoblastoma. Nuclear p53 accumulation was observed in most of the tumor cells in both the human and orthotopic retinoblastoma animal models using SNUOT-Rb1 and Y79 cells. In the orthotopic animal model, some of the tumor vascular endothelium also demonstrated nuclear p53 immunoreactivity, and the ratio of p53 positivity among the total mature tumor vascular endothelium was slightly higher in the Y79 cell model when compared with the SNUOT-Rb1 cell model. In addition, in the human retinoblastoma specimens, 32.9% of the tumor vascular endothelium showed p53 nuclear staining. In conclusion, some of the mature tumor vascular endothelium in both the human and orthotopic models of retinoblastoma share the same cytogenetic abnormality (an abnormal nuclear accumulation of p53) with retinoblastoma cells.