Nigerian journal of clinical practice

The effect of anesthesia type on stress hormone response: comparison of general versus epidural anesthesia.

PMID 24909481


The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of different types of anesthesia on stress hormones. The study was included 60 ASAI-II cases scheduled for major lower extremity surgery. The cases were randomized into 2 groups: The EA group was administered epidural anesthesia and the GA group was administered standard general anesthesia. In order to evaluate the surgical trauma - related stress response, CRP, TSH, cortisol, and fasting blood sugar(FBS) levels were measured preoperatively, 30 min after surgical incision, and 24 h post surgery. Between-group comparisons; Preoperative values were not significantly different between the groups.( P > 0,05) Pulse rate and cortisol values significantly higher in general group at 30 min. ( P < 0,05), and the FBS values were significantly higher in the epidural group at 24 h.( P < 0,05) There were not found differences for other parameters at evaluation times. No differences were observed between the two anesthesia methods, in terms of minimizing the stress response due to surgical trauma during major low extremity surgery.