Cancer biology & therapy

Coronin3 regulates gastric cancer invasion and metastasis by interacting with Arp2.

PMID 24918434


Coronin3 expression is increased in gastric cancer (GC) tissues and can promote GC invasion and metastasis. However, the mechanisms underlying Coronin3 function in GC remain unclear. In this study, we aimed to explore the interacting molecules essential for the tumor-promoting effects of Coronin3 in GC. Using mass spectrometric analysis, functional studies, and immunohistochemistry, we found that Arp2 interacted with Coronin3, and ectopic expression of Arp2 promoted GC cell migration and invasion, while Arp2 knockdown suppressed whole-cell motility and attenuated the Coronin3-mediated upregulation of cell migration and invasion. In addition, both proteins correlated with the metastatic status of GC patients. Furthermore, survival analyses demonstrated that both Coronin3 and Arp2 correlated with overall GC patient survival, and the combination of Coronin3 and Arp2 most accurately predicted GC patient prognosis. Combined, these data demonstrate that Coronin3 can regulate GC invasion and metastasis through Arp2, and the combination of Coronin3 and Arp2 provides a potential marker for predicting GC prognosis.