Scientific reports

Expression of human solute carrier family transporters in skin: possible contributor to drug-induced skin disorders.

PMID 24918694


Solute carrier (SLC) transporters play important roles in absorption and disposition of drugs in cells; however, the expression pattern of human SLC transporters in the skin has not been determined. In the present study, the expression patterns of 28 human SLC transporters were determined in the human skin. Most of the SLC transporter family members were either highly or moderately expressed in the liver, while their expression was limited in the skin and small intestine. Treatment of human keratinocytes with a reactive metabolite of ibuprofen significantly reduced cell viability. Expression array analysis revealed that S100 calcium binding protein A7A (S100A7A) was induced nearly 50-fold in dermal cells treated with ibuprofen acyl-glucuronide. Determination of the expression of drug-metabolizing enzymes as well as drug transporters prior to the administration of drugs would make it possible to avoid the development of idiosyncratic skin diseases in individuals.