Acta biochimica et biophysica Sinica

Expression analysis of BORIS during pluripotent, differentiated, cancerous, and non-cancerous cell states.

PMID 24928684


BORIS/CTCFL is an 11 zinc finger protein, which is the paralog of CTCF, a ubiquitously expressed protein with diverse roles in gene expression and chromatin organization. Several studies have shown that the expression of BORIS is restricted to normal adult testis, pluripotent cells, and diverse cancer cell lines. Thus, it is known as a cancer-testis (CT) gene that has been hypothesized to exhibit oncogenic properties and to be involved in cancer cell proliferation. On the contrary, other reports have shown that its expression is more widespread and can be detected in differentiated and normal somatic cells; hence, it might have roles in general cellular functions. The present study was aimed to analyze the expression of BORIS in different cell states of pluripotent, differentiated, cancerous and non-cancerous.We found that the two cell states of pluripotency and differentiation are not accompanied with significant variations of BORIS expression. Furthermore, Boris transcripts were detected at approximately the same level in cancer and non-cancer cell lines. These findings suggest that, in contrast to some previous reports, the expression of mouse BORIS is not limited to only cancerous cells or pluripotent cell states.