The Journal of cell biology

Mps1 phosphorylation of condensin II controls chromosome condensation at the onset of mitosis.

PMID 24934155


During mitosis, genomic DNA is condensed into chromosomes to promote its equal segregation into daughter cells. Chromosome condensation occurs during cell cycle progression from G2 phase to mitosis. Failure of chromosome compaction at prophase leads to subsequent misregulation of chromosomes. However, the molecular mechanism that controls the early phase of mitotic chromosome condensation is largely unknown. Here, we show that Mps1 regulates initial chromosome condensation during mitosis. We identify condensin II as a novel Mps1-associated protein. Mps1 phosphorylates one of the condensin II subunits, CAP-H2, at Ser492 during mitosis, and this phosphorylation event is required for the proper loading of condensin II on chromatin. Depletion of Mps1 inhibits chromosomal targeting of condensin II and accurate chromosome condensation during prophase. These findings demonstrate that Mps1 governs chromosomal organization during the early stage of mitosis to facilitate proper chromosome segregation.