Health physics

Exposure levels associated with Na(131)I thyroid cancer patients: correlation with initial activity and clinical physical parameters.

PMID 24949923


Initial radiation exposure levels X (0) at 1 m from the navel of thyroid cancer patients were measured for 165 individuals at the time of ingestion. Some 61 patients had previously signed informed consent so only those patients could be assayed with regard to body parameters. While the activity was in the stomach, resultant X (0) values were seen to be linearly correlated with the total (131)I activity (A) given orally. Yet large differences in X (0) were seen; e.g., at A = 7.4 GBq, variations of a factor of four were found between the largest and smallest exposure rates. Correlation analyses were performed between normalized rate X (0)A-1 and several patient physical parameters. These included age, sex, height, weight, and BMI (body mass index). Only weight and BMI had significant linear correlation (p < 0.05) with normalized exposure rate. In the former case, the correlation coefficient ρ (weight) was -0.296 (p = 0.02). Using BMI as the independent variable, ρ (BMI) was -0.386 (p = 0.0021). With further analysis of the BMI variation, 95% confidence intervals could be determined at various BMI levels. For example, at 28 kg m(-2), the normalized rate varied between 0.039 and 0.0446 μGy h(-1) MBq(-1)-approximately a ±6.5% variation on the mean value of 0.0419 μGy h(-1) MBq(-1) at this BMI. Given such clinical information, differences in normalized exposure rate can be reduced to values on the order of ±10% or less for BMI values over the clinically relevant interval 20 to 40 kg m(-2).