Environmental technology

Application of a diffusion-reaction kinetic model for the removal of 4-chlorophenol in continuous tank reactors.

PMID 24956780


A continuous tank reactor was used to remove 4-chlorophenol from aqueous solutions, using immobilized soybean peroxidase and hydrogen peroxide. The influence of operational variables (enzyme and substrate concentrations and spatial time) on the removal efficiency was studied. By using the kinetic law and the intrinsic kinetic parameters obtained in a previous work with a discontinuous tank reactor, the mass-balance differential equations of the transient state reactor model were solved and the theoretical conversion values were calculated. Several experimental series were used to obtain the values of the remaining model parameters by numerical calculation and using an error minimization algorithm. The model was checked by comparing the results obtained in some experiments (not used for the determination of the parameters) and the theoretical ones. The good concordance between the experimental and calculated conversion values confirmed that the design model can be used to predict the transient behaviour of the reactor.