Journal of chromatography. A

Multiresidue analysis of 22 sulfonamides and their metabolites in animal tissues using quick, easy, cheap, effective, rugged, and safe extraction and high resolution mass spectrometry (hybrid linear ion trap-Orbitrap).

PMID 24958033


A new high performance liquid chromatography-high resolution mass spectrometry (HPLC-HRMS) method was developed for a simultaneous multi-residue analysis of 22 sulfonamides (SAs) and their metabolites in edible animal (pig, beef, sheep and chicken) tissues. Sample preparation was optimized on the basis of the "QuEChERS" protocol. The analytes were identified using their LC retention times and accurate mass; the identification was further confirmed by multi-stage high mass accuracy (<5ppm) mass spectrometry. The performance of the method was evaluated according to the EU guidelines for the validation of screening methods for the analysis of veterinary drugs residues. Acceptable values were obtained for: linearity (R(2)<0.99), limit of detection (LOD, 3-26μg/kg), limit of quantification (LOQ, 11-88μg/kg), accuracy (recovery 88-112%), intra- and inter-day precision 1-14 and 1-17%, respectively, decision limit (CCα) and detection capability (CCβ) around the maximum residue limits (MRL) of SAs (100μg/kg). The method was validated by analysis of a reference material FAPAS-02188 "Pig kidney" with ǀ Z-scoreǀ<0.63. The method was applied to various matrices (kidney, liver, muscle) originated from pig, beef, sheep, and chicken) allowing the simultaneous quantification of target sulfonamides at concentration levels above the MRL/2 and the identification of untargeted compounds such as N(4)-acetyl metabolites using multi-stage high mass accuracy mass spectrometry.