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Targeted delivery of Dicer-substrate siRNAs using a dual targeting peptide decorated dendrimer delivery system.

PMID 24965758


Small interfering RNAs (siRNA) are emerging as novel therapeutic agents, providing competent delivery systems that are available. Dendrimers, a special family of synthetic macromolecules, represent an exciting delivery platform by virtue of their well-defined dendritic structure and unique multivalency and cooperativity confined within a nanoscale volume. Here, we report a Dicer-substrate siRNA (dsiRNA) which, when delivered using a structurally flexible triethanolamine-core poly(amidoamine) dendrimer of generation 5 as the nanocarrier, gives rise to a much greater RNAi response than that produced with conventional siRNA. Further decoration of the dsiRNA/dendrimer complexes with a dual targeting peptide simultaneously promoted cancer cell targeting through interacting with integrins and cell penetration via the interaction with neuropilin-1 receptors, which led to improved gene silencing and anticancer activity. Altogether, our results disclosed here open a new avenue for therapeutic implementation of RNAi using dendrimer nanovector based targeted delivery. This study demonstrates superior therapeutic properties of siRNA when combined with a dendrimer-based targeted nano-delivery system. Similar approaches may eventually gain clinical utility following additional studies determining safety and efficacy.

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