Gene therapy

Antitumor effects of baculovirus-infected dendritic cells against human pancreatic carcinoma.

PMID 25009006


Recently, we showed that baculovirus (BV)-infected dendritic cells (DCs) (BV-DCs) induced antitumor immunity against established tumors in mice. These antitumor effects were CD8(+) T-cell and natural killer (NK) cell dependent but CD4(+) T-cell independent. In the current study, we examined the antitumor effect of BV-DCs on human pancreatic cancer cells (AsPC-1). After treatment with BV-infected bone marrow-derived dendritic cells (BMDCs), human pancreatic tumors caused by AsPC-1 cells in a nude mouse model were significantly reduced in size, and the survival of the mice was improved compared with that of non-immature BMDC (iDC)- and BV-DC-immunized mice. We also found that wild-type BV could activate human DCs (HDCs) and that NK cells were activated by BV-infected HDCs (BHDCs). Our findings show that BV-DCs can induce antitumor immunity, which paves the way for the use of this technique as an effective tool for DC immunotherapy against malignancies.