Oncology letters

High EphA2 protein expression in renal cell carcinoma is associated with a poor disease outcome.

PMID 25013485


The receptor tyrosine kinase, ephrin type-A receptor 2 (EphA2), is normally expressed at sites of cell-to-cell contact in adult epithelial tissues, however, recent studies have shown that it is also overexpressed in various types of epithelial carcinomas, with the greatest level of EphA2 expression observed in metastatic lesions. In the present study, the association between the expression of EphA2 and the outcome of RCC patients was assessed. The high expression level of EphA2 was identified by log-rank test for a statistically significant prediction of the RCC outcome. In an overall multivariate analysis, the high expression level of EphA2 was identified as an independent predictor of RCC outcome. The length of survival of the patients with high EphA2 expression was shorter than that of the patients with a low level of expression (relative risk, 2.304; 95% CI, 1.102-4.818; P=0.027). The analysis of the expression levels of EphA2 in tumor tissues may aid in the identification of the patient subgroup that are at a high risk of a poor disease outcome.