Cell biology international

Gene expression profile analysis of SUDHL6 cells with siRNA-mediated BCL11A downregulation.

PMID 25044937


Our previous study has shown that downregulation of B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)/lymphoma11A (BCL11A) gene by small interfering RNA (siRNA) resulted in the growth inhibition and apoptosis of B cell lymphoma cell line SUDHL6. To gain further insight into the molecular mechanisms of this process and identify the differentially expressed genes in SUDHL6 cells after BCL11A downregulation, the global gene expression profile was identified and analyzed using the Affymetrix HG-U133 Plus 2.0 array. Twenty-one differentially expressed genes were validated and analyzed from the BCL11A siRNA-treated SUDHL6 cells. There was a significant dysregulation in the global gene expression of the BCL11A-suppressed SUDHL6 cells. There were 1903 genes differentially expressed with >2-fold changes between the BCL11A siRNA- and negative control-transfected cells. Of these, there were 916 upregulated genes and 987 downregulated genes. The differential genes are involved in various molecular functions and signaling pathways. QRT-PCR validation of the selected differentially expressed genes demonstrated there was a good correlation with the microarray analysis. There was a significant deregulation of expression in the apoptosis-related genes such as BCL-2, BCL2L11 and involved in TGFβ, MAPK, WNT signaling pathways after BCL11A was downregulated in SUDHL6 cells. Our results show that the suppression of BCL11A by RNA interference altered gene expression profile of SUDHL6 cells. The apoptosis-related genes BCL-2, BCL2L11 and the gene alterations in TGFβ, MAPK, WNT signaling pathways might be important in BCL11A siRNA-induced apoptosis of SUDHL6 cells, suggesting BCL11A is involved in gene networks associated with apoptosis.