Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Threonine-4 of the budding yeast RNAP II CTD couples transcription with Htz1-mediated chromatin remodeling.

PMID 25071213


The C-terminal domain (CTD) of the largest subunit of RNA polymerase II (RNAP II) consists of repeated YSPTSPS heptapeptides and connects transcription with cotranscriptional events. Threonine-4 (Thr4) of the CTD repeats has been shown to function in histone mRNA 3'-end processing in chicken cells and in transcriptional elongation in human cells. Here, we demonstrate that, in budding yeast, Thr4, although dispensable for growth in rich media, is essential in phosphate-depleted or galactose-containing media. Thr4 is required to maintain repression of phosphate-regulated (PHO) genes under normal growth conditions and for full induction of PHO5 and the galactose-induced GAL1 and GAL7 genes. We identify genetic links between Thr4 and the histone variant Htz1 and show that Thr4, as well as the Ino80 chromatin remodeler, is required for activation-associated eviction of Htz1 specifically from promoters of the Thr4-dependent genes. Our study uncovers a connection between transcription and chromatin remodeling linked by Thr4 of the CTD.

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