Chinese journal of integrative medicine

Inhibition of platelet aggregation and in vitro free radical scavenging activity of dried fruiting bodies of Pleurotus eous.

PMID 25081896


To evaluate the ethyl acetate, methanol and aqueous extracts of dried fruiting bodies of Pleurotus eous for its anti-platelet activity on human volunteer's blood. And also to analyze the free radical scavenging property of the extracts of P.eous by using various in vitro models. Anti-platelet activity of dried fruiting bodies of P.eous was evaluated by in vitro model using blood platelets. Inhibition of platelet aggregation was monitored after pre-incubation of platelets with the crude extracts of mushroom P.eous. Antioxidant activities of extracts of P.eous were evaluated by different in vitro experiments, namely, 1, 1-diphenyl-2-picryl hydrazyl (DPPH), superoxide, hydroxyl radical and lipid peroxide radical models. Crude extracts of mushroom P.eous inhibited platelet aggregation dose-dependently which was induced by adenosine diphosphate (ADP). At a maximum concentration of 10 mg/mL, methanol extract effected 64.02% inhibition of lipid per-oxidation and 50.12% scavenging effect on superoxide anion radical. Aqueous extract of P.eous have shown 69.43% chelating ability on ferrous ions, 24.27% scavenging effect on hydroxyl radical and 49.57% scavenging effect on DPPH radical at 10 mg/mL. Increasing concentrations of the extract were found to cause progressively decreasing of the intensity of absorbance. Anti-platelet effects could be related in part to the polyphenolic compounds present in the extracts. Antioxidant activity results indicated the free radical scavenging property of the extracts of P.eous which might be due to the high content of phenolic compounds and flavonoids.