Parasitology research

Molecular characterization of a Spirometra mansoni antigenic polypeptide gene encoding a 28.7 kDa protein.

PMID 25096536


The Spirometra mansoni antigenic polypeptide (SmAP) gene was expressed in Escherichia coli, and its characteristics and value as an antigen for the serodiagnosis of sparganosis were investigated. The recombinant SmAP protein (rSmAP) has the molecular weight of 28.7 kDa. On Western blotting analysis, the rSmAP strongly reacted with the sera of mice infected with spargana, but not with normal sera; the anti-rSmAP serum obviously recognized the 28.7-kDa band in the crude antigens and excretory-secretory (ES) antigens of spargana. The immunofluorescence test (IFT) results showed that the positive staining was observed at different stages of spargana from the infected frogs and mice, but not adult worm of S. mansoni. An immunolocalization analysis identified SmAP in the teguments and parenchymal tissues of spargana. ELISA with rSmAP antigen or sparganum ES antigens were evaluated for the serodiagnosis of sparganosis. The results showed that the sensitivity of rSmAP-ELISA and ES-ELISA was 83.3% (25/30) and 100% (30/30), respectively, for the detection of anti-sparganum IgG antibodies in sera of the experimentally infected mice (P > 0.05), the specificities of both ELISA were 100% (67/67). It is suggested that the rSmAP might be a potential candidate antigen for serodiagnosis of sparganosis.