Journal of Alzheimer's disease : JAD

Association of TMEM106B rs1990622 marker and frontotemporal dementia: evidence for a recessive effect and meta-analysis.

PMID 25096617


Transmembrane Protein 106B SNP rs1990622 was recently shown to modify the risk of frontotemporal lobar degeneration with TDP-43 inclusions (FTD-TDP). An independent replication study of this genetic variant was performed in 381 individuals from Catalonia (Spain). By applying a recessive model, a tendency toward an association with FTD risk was observed in our case-control study (age- and gender-adjusted odds ratio = 0.57; p = 0.082). Importantly, meta-analysis of available studies also supports a recessive effect for rs1990622 CC genotype (OR = 0.70; CI 95% [0.57-0.85]; p = 0.0003) and demonstrates the existence of statistical heterogeneity due to an inherent pathological heterogeneity between series (p = 0.00014). We conclude that TMEM106B is associated with FTD, although the extent of this effect is difficult to be estimated by using clinical FTD series.