Cell biochemistry and biophysics

Effect of different iodine concentrations on well-differentiated thyroid cancer cell behavior and its inner mechanism.

PMID 25120024


High iodine intake might be an important factor in the promotion of thyroid cancer and the incidence of thyroid carcinoma has increased obviously these years especially in area of high iodine intake, though the mechanism of which remains unknown. The aim of present study was to gain more insight into the influence of different iodine concentrations on cell behavior, such as proliferation and migration, and to further investigate its molecular mechanism using two well-differentiated thyroid cancer cell lines. Our study evaluated the effect of different iodine concentrations on cell behavior and investigated relevant molecules involved. The results indicated that iodine in vitro could promote the growth of thyroid cancer cells with the increase of iodine concentration in a specific range. Such effect may be related to signaling pathways as Akt and Erk and cytokine VEGF-A.