Journal of tropical pediatrics

Serum immunoglobulin E and interleukin-13 levels in children with idiopathic nephrotic syndrome.

PMID 25124794


Serum IgE and IL-13 levels were estimated in 40 idiopathic nephrotic syndrome and 16 controls. There were 15 first episode nephrotic syndrome (FENS), 15 infrequent relapsing nephrotic syndrome (IRNS) and 10 patients belonged to frequent relapsing nephrotic syndrome (FRNS). Serum IgE and IL-13 levels were significantly increased in active nephrotic syndrome and its sub-groups as compared to controls and remission (p < 0.001). IgE levels did not differ significantly among different subgroups, while Il-13 was significantly higher in FRNS in comparison with FENS (p = 0.041). Both IgE and IL-13 levels were comparable in nephrotic patients with and without bronchial asthma. Serum IL-13 had significant positive correlation with IgE (r = 0.605, p < 0.001). Thus, raised levels of IgE and IL-13 are found in nephrotic syndrome and could have a role in the pathogenesis of disease.