International journal of pharmaceutics

Amorphous isradipine nanosuspension by the sonoprecipitation method.

PMID 25138256


The aims of this study are to increase and explain the mechanism of dissolution enhancement of isradipine using the sonoprecipitation method for stable nanosuspensions. There have been still few of published researches on formulation of isradipine using nanoparticle engineering. Nanosuspension systems were prepared upon various factors including amplitude and the time length of ultrasonication. The dissolution test was performed according to the USP paddle method in intestinal fluid (pH 6.8). The crystalline structure of drug, the molecular interaction, morphology and size of nanosuspension were also investigated to determine the mechanism of dissolution enhancement. The sonoprecipitation method with use of HPMC 6 showed its potential in enhancement of the drug release rate. Stable nanosuspension was significantly depended on amplitude and time of ultrasonication since these factors affected on the size of nanoparticles. The synergistic effects of reduction of drug crystallinity and particle size could increase the dissolution rate of isradipine by providing a stable nanosuspension. This work may contribute to a new strategy for improvement dissolution rate of isradipine.