Pharmacological reports : PR

Chronic treatment with zinc hydroaspartate induces anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcerogenic activity in rats.

PMID 25149992


The previous study indicated the enhancement of the anti-inflammatory effect of ketoprofen by acute and sub chronic administration of zinc hydroaspartate. The present study examined anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcerogenic and analgesic activity induced by chronic (14 days) administration of ZHA (30 mg/kg, po), with a combination of a single administration of ketoprofen, in rats. Moreover, the zinc concentration in serum and stomach mucosa was also determined. Chronic ZHA po administration exhibits anti-inflammatory activity and enhanced the effect induced by ketoprofen. Likewise, ZHA administration demonstrated anti-ulcerogenic activity. While ZHA alone did not exhibit analgesic action, it enhanced the effect of ketoprofen. The present study demonstrated for the first time that chronic treatment with zinc salt exhibits anti-inflammatory activity. Besides, anti-ulcerogenic activity and the enhancing properties of zinc to ketoprofen induced anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity were also shown.